AGRONOVA has developed advanced essential oil processing technology (distillation systems) since 1997. The company has, since its start, introduced several unique design features to support the production of high-quality essential oils and derivatives thereof:

  • frequency-controlled mixer/rotator embedded with the pressure vessel to increase diffusion rates and increase yield and quality,
  • insulated cylinder walls (pressure vessel), flanges and pipes to significantly reduce heat radiant losses,
  • designs to significantly reduce the consumption and energy losses from feedwater intake (steam boiler) and cooling water,
  • options to have access to steam distillation and vacuum distillation technology in one combined unit,
  • advanced process regulation and data acquisition technology to provide real-time control and optimization of any unique batch being distilled
  • mobile distillation units built on tandem trailers with low-weight but durable aluminium frameworks

All pressure vessel designs meet with the EU Pressure Vessel Directive (EU-PED) and are built, in partnership with affiliated partners, from high-quality and certified stainless steel materilal delivered by reputable suppliers only. Each unit is inspected and tested by an authorized Swedish Inspection Agency before shipping. The systems are thoroughly field-tested through AGRONOVAs own production of high-quality essential oils and derivatives.

The AGRONOVA processing systems blend traditional skills with modern scientific approaches and represent a significant step forward in stationary and mobile essential oi processing technology.

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